Religious & Activist Resumes

When apply for positions, make sure you’re not too culturally/religiously focused. Make sure everything is in plain English & understandable to someone not part of your world (no acronyms without explaining or industry-specific jargon, nothing in a different language). Try to make them look as secular and liberal as possible if not for a company of a shared mission.

Have more than one version of your resume.

One general one where you mention that you love animals in your Skills & Interests section; a second resume all about your activist PETA activity and being a vegan when applying to work for the humane society.

You get the gist.



Functional Resume = Shady Resume

A lot of people do functional resumes nowadays, but I only recommend that if you’re hiding major issues or time gaps.

Resumes should be brief & informative, bulleted, clean style.

Use narrow margins to get the most on a page.  For really senior people a 2nd page might be necessary, but chances are no one is reading it. If they have a masters or higher, or went to an excellent school, put education before experience. If it’s a BA or lower, then keep it at the bottom (unless from Harvard etc.).

If you graduated more than 15 years ago, or less than 2, I don’t recommend putting a year on the degree. If you have any college or advanced degree remove high school (again unless it was Stuyvesant etc.).

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