Dead Links on Job Boards & What Are My Chances of Getting an Advertised Job?

I sent a link to an ad for a position to a friend looking for a job. She then replied with this response about the site where the job was posted:

“I’ve seen some entries that have been up for months, have hundreds of viewings, but never know if they’re actually filled. I think I did see one that was posted at a friend’s company and when asked they said it had been filled a while earlier. Any idea whether that was an exception or the rule?”

My response is not only for this job board, but for all ads placed by companies on external job boards:

– My advice: I say always apply – it’s worth the 3 minute effort & you never know if you’ll get your resume pulled for another job. Chances are if a company has the budget to advertise a job, they may have budget for other positions.

– Also sometimes a job may get thousands of views (i.e. popular company or generic title), and only 10 applicants, none qualified – so don’t let position view numbers discourage you from applying.

In general when I advertise jobs, the fee I pay only gives me a certain amount of time, i.e. 60 days, unless I pull it earlier. Even on free sites they generally require a close date for postings.

 If a job is posted a lot of places, it may get left up until it expires or indefinitely for a few reasons, like:

1. The hiring manager/poster may be lazy and not care that it’s a dead link & leading on candidates, they’ve found their person & have better things to do
2. They’re not sure the person they have will pan out & want candidates on the backburner

3. They have other similar jobs that they want candidates for but do not want to pay or put in the effort to advertise the new job

4. They may not have kept track of everywhere the position was posted to track where to pull it from
5. The person who posted the positions may no longer be working there or may be away from work, and most sites require usernames/passwords to update or remove positions

So I say ideally of course jobs should come to you, but if you need one and they aren’t, job boards are a great place to continue your search. I won’t say it’s the most effective way (I personally have never gotten a job from an advertised position) but I have hired off of advertised jobs. You never know if you’ll be the one to ask your boss to remove the ad once you start 😉

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