Work Your Body – 5 Resume Tips for Content

1. Don’t age yourself. If you graduated college more than 15 years ago, remove year from resume. Do not include any experience more than 20 years back. You don’t want anyone thinking you’re just there for two years until you retire, even if that’s true. You won’t get a job for those years if you don’t present yourself correctly. Omitting years is not lying, changing them is.

2. Back to TMI (Too Much Info): Do not include salaries. It’s a turn-off. If a specific place asks for a salary history, I recommend putting the range you expect to make at your next position in the cover letter. If they ask for current salary, again, in cover. When I see money on a resume it stands out as greedy or desperate.

3. Take off high school once you get a degree. Take off A.A. if you get a B.A., unless it’s relevant to the field you’re applying to (i.e. you’re A.A. was in Accounting, your B.A. was in Psychology. You’re applying to an accounting position? Keep your Associate’s degree there).

4. Take out extra words & unnecessary line breaks – extra a’s, the’s, and and’s (use & if that will make it fit on a line if you need it). Just ensure everything flows smoothly.

Fail: Managed a department effectively.

Established the documentation methods.

Monitored the compliance of all set regulations.


Fix: Managed department effectively while ensuring compliance by establishing documentation regulations and oversight.

5. Make sure you understand everything you have on your resume & have done it. You might have something you’ve cut & paste from your job description in your field’s jargon – but makes sure you know what it means exactly & implies in your field.

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