Sharon’s Top 5 Resume Tips of the Day

1. Don’t lie. Ever. Don’t embellish the truth. Do present everything in a positive light as well-said as possible.

2. Make it Visually Appealing: Use wide margins to fit as much on one page as possible. Do not use more than 3 fonts (preferably 2 or less). We’re all vain creatures and like to look at pretty things.

More attention = more consideration for an interview.

3. If it bores you to read it (even to edit it), it will bore others and be deleted.

4. Don’t waste any space. Talking about the companies you worked for is space you could have said more about your talents, skills, and accomplishments. If someone is interested in where you worked they’ll google it.

5. Don’t give TMI (Too Much Info): Do not include race, religion, marital status, social security number, picture (unless requested & relevant to your field), sexual orientation, or other overly personal info on resume.

If requested you can always supply it later or on the application where indicated.

Happy Resume Editing Monday! If you like these let me know, maybe I’ll make a series.


One comment on “Sharon’s Top 5 Resume Tips of the Day

  1. […] This is Why I’m So Wonderful & Why YOU Can’t Live Without ME! Your cover letter and resume should politely but obviously convey this message for every single position you apply to – albeit with decorum and honesty.  This does bring me back to one of my most important rules to present everything in the best possible light – but with integrity. […]

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