What’s the Big Deal About Superwoman? Let’s be Friendrepreneurs instead.

I’m much more successful, and accomplish a lot more that she did.

All my not-single ladies – yeah fellow mom’s & doers out there – why do we idolize Superwoman? Why is she the proverbial role model? All she did was hold down an impressive job.

Did she balance work, a husband, children, guests, friends, a clean home, diet, exercise, live on a budget in a recession, stay on top of the news, culture, and technology and make sure everyone around her was happy – on high heels?

Oh wait, I do all that. It hit me while I was studying for the GRE’s and doing grant writing for grad school scholarships while pumping at work (yes I’m a nursing mother in addition to all of the above) that Superwoman has nothing on me.

I’m still the one who makes sure everyone has new socks when they need them and clothes that are seasonally appropriate in their closet with food they like in the fridge (thank you online grocery shopping) with fun filled weekends with careers and schools they enjoy and benefit from and and and…

I’m the person everyone I know turns to when they need anything from advice on the cheapest place to buy boots through how to get a new job or new husband – and expect this on a volunteer basis, because hey, what else does Sharon have to do?

I think Belle said it best in Beauty & The Beast, “There must be more than this provincial life.”

Women have ceiling to uphold, glass or otherwise.

We all work, whether for pay or raising a family – it counts. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself to avoid burnout, even though I know you don’t have the time for it.

I’m a firm believer of working smarter, not harder…just then why am I working so hard? Why do I need more hours in the day? Why is sleep so far down on my list of priorities that it doesn’t even faze me that I need 3+ cups of coffee a day to stay alert?

I’m probably only one of the many women out there that are constantly brainstorming new ideas for businesses, just hoping one will stick. I’ve invented a phrase for my entrepreneurial friends like me:

Friendrepreneurs. Let’s work together.

I’m hoping that I’ll find a lucrative enough idea for a business that I’ll be able to feel both fulfilled, able to pay private school tuition, work less hours to be around more for the kids, employ every talented person I know, and have time to do the laundry for a change.

When you walk into my cluttered house you can tell artists live there, not just by the cinnamon bark colored walls with the buttered popcorn crown molding and art. Our home is the epicenter of the creative beings who inhabit it and visit it frequently.

Yes we hope to upgrade said home to something suburban with parking and more room for those visitors and a backyard for the kids, but it will remain the same happy, peaceful haven that people enjoy being at. I’ll make sure of it, just another part of my job.

It helps that I have an amazing husband who knows what I need and supports me and every eccentric whim of mine, and that I have staffed incredible strong women in their upper 50’s to watch my children and do  my laundry as that I’m at the office 9-6ish. Those are my supporting actors and actresses that help me be the rockstar I am, who I love and know benefit from the strength and skills that I provide.

I’m frequently asked by those who know me why I speak so quickly, why I’m always ‘doing so much’. Why my handwriting is so fast and rushed, why my signature only has time to be 4 letters. Why don’t I slow down?

It’s been quoted that Abraham Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” If I took more time to do the things I do, much less would get done.

I do wonder from time to time if it’s all appreciated or worth it. Not from a self-pity, low self-esteem point of view. Rather I just wonder what would happen if I stopped. If I woke up one morning and said I’d rather go for a day at a spa than being productive. My nails and makeup are always done while I drive, after all what other good uses are there for all that time spent at red lights? And why waste money on manicures if I can do a fab job myself. More money to take the family out to dinner instead. Oh wait, I cook better meals than most restaurants, so we don’t go out to eat much…so maybe more money for vacations? So we can go somewhere fabulous for the weekend? Nah we’ll go on a priceline budget trip to Connecticut, but take as much of the extended family as we can afford with connecting rooms instead.

Now if anyone is still reading this rant, which I’m guessing many of you are, you might be having various trains of thought, but I’m hoping you’re wondering how you can do more. And you can, because you’re a woman, and we’re amazing. We’re beautiful each in our own ways (now if only you’d all believe it and stop starving yourselves and put down the wrinkle creams)!

My way to find more, to aspire to do better things, is to dream. Everyone once in awhile both on my own, and with my husband, I make us sit down for a brainstorming session. We discuss our dreams and goals. I ask him to let his creative mind wander, and ask the following questions of ourselves:

  • What would we do if we could do anything? If money, time, and resources were of no issue.
  • Where would we live if money, politics, and family weren’t keeping us where we are?
  • What would our ideal lives look like?

By focusing on those main questions every few years, we come up with a mental list of unofficial goals. I have yet to write them down. This way they stay in our minds and hearts, and stay flexible. Our wants and goals evolve and grow as we do – as should yours.

Take some time to dream, even if it’s only one hour once every few years – so at least you know why you’re hustling, what your working towards, and what will make YOU happy (oh yeah and your family/friends too).  Don’t let yourself become the aimless rat in the wheel – run for a purpose, and pat yourself on the back for all that you do.

Superwoman couldn’t handle all of this, trust me.


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