Salary Negotiations
Very well said – but I firmly believe in reviews. If you can’t negotiate a salary you want (but are taking the position regardless) then I always recommend requesting both a  3 month, 6 month, and 1 year review. Worst the employer can do is say no. 

I.e. you want to make $70,000 at your new position; you made $60,000 at your last position, and were laid off. The best thing to do is ask for the $70K, and if you receive a counter offer of $60K, as for a reviews to bring you up to the salary you’d like. 

If the employer agrees, do everything in your power to get this put into your offer letter (b/c in today’s economy you never know if the person making you the offer will still be there in 6 mo.). 

Good luck getting what you’re worth – but don’t overestimate that in today’s market.


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